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ASSO`s Ultra Cast Fluorocarbon Coated series of lines are a collection of the best fishing lines produced with the today’s most advanced technology.

With extremly high visibility reduce friction on the ring and increases the casting distance Asso Ultra Cast Fluorocarbon lines also offer less stretch for more sensitivity and superior abrasion resistance.

The ASSO Ultra Cast Fluorocarbon coated lines was created using high technology coating gives an outstanding smooth surface and makes the line almost waterproof, which means that these lines keep almost all their strength when wet, unlike conventional lines that can weaken up to 15%.

Softness and low stretch: generally these two features are not compatible and cannot be found in the same line. If a line is soft, it has generally a high elongation, while if it has low stretch it is generally stiff.

The Fluorocarbon coated lines combine outstanding softness and low stretch, which give a superior castability and a greater feeling of the fish.

Size : 4oz Spool


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