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Introducing the new Bassday Gyokusai 97F which like the larger 135F, it maintains an impressive casting distance as it is equipped with a heavy tungsten cylinder weight on a 97mm body.

Equipped with TSL, the heavy weight is firmly fixed during action, and swimming like a fixed centre of gravity is still alive and well. Although the action is similar to the 135F, which allows the movement to be clearly transmitted to the hand, the floating position is set horizontally and slightly upward, and it is also good at extremely slow retrieves.

It uses its casting distance to cover a wide range of areas, and is good at diving to depths of up to 80cm, making it appealing to fish that prey on shallow waters. The slightly fat body can carry heavy weights, and at the same time it is equipped with a thick #4 hook, making it suitable for catching blue and big fish.

  • Length : 97mm
  • Weight : 17g


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BASSDAY Gyokusai 97F

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