Chesil Beach Fishing Trip (24/02/16)

Chesil Sunset

Another day out was on the cards after Sunday’s hard session so local all round angler Shane and I headed out. The weather has been calm and clear for a few days, so why not try at West Bexington in search of Plaice, having heard of the odd one around it was a long shot but you never know. It also gave me a chance to give the Tronix Pro Viper GT a good thrash.

West Bexington

Today with the Viper GT and my trusty Penn Surfblaster 8000 loaded with 45lb Whiplash, I was easily sending 2 hook clip down rigs 100 yards plus with only a 4oz lead. The tip on the Viper GT is fantastic it responds so well to bites, recovers well after casting with plenty of power in the mid section of the blank.

My first cast was met with a strong bite, winding into it the weight seemed impressive. A double shot on first cast, not a Plaice but a Dogfish and Whiting. Cast after cast saw fish on the beach for the first couple of hours.

Pout and Whiting

As the tide picked up further, the bites dropped off a little. But still good fish being caught. All a good size, all good fun. As the light started to fade we started to pack up, Shane on his last cast lifted into a good weight, we both watched and hoped it may of been a Ray. But to no avail, he had a double shot of good dogs for his efforts, I will not repeat his words of dismay!

Double Dogs

We did not manage our target, but had a great day out, plenty of fish to be caught. Oh, and where would I be if I did not mention the ONLY slug (Rockling) of the day was also caught by Shane. He really loves them, I can tell you.

Chesil Sunset

I leave you with this stunning shot of a Chesil beach sunset. We have not had many like this of late, but it’s a brief reminder of what’s on its way soon. 

A quick reminder we do have good supplies of Rag and Fresh Black Lug should you wish to get out yourselves but booking is advisable just in case the shop number is 01305 766222

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