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The head shape inherited from the Rocket Head is compatible with drumstick type worms, and this jig head is compatible with drumstick seabass and achieves horizontal swimming and increased flying distance.

The hook uses an up-point narrow gape hook that can be used to hook up even the weak suction of a sea bass that feeds on drumsticks or a threaded sea bass. It shows its potential not only for drumstick season, but also for threaded sea bass during bait fish patterns. It is also recommended for targeting flat fish and rock fish.

  • The head shape is excellently compatible with slim worms that imitate drumsticks, and allows for increased flying distance.
  • Long shank & narrow gape hook that does not interfere with target suction.
  • Up point for reliably hooking up even targets with weak suction.
  • Slim keeper that makes it easy to set slim worms and prevent them from slipping off.
  • #1 and #1/0 - 5 per pack
  • #2/0 and #3/0 - 4 per pack


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Decoy Bachi Head SV-67

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