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This is a clip-type snap that does not require opening or closing, and is compatible with small jig heads that are often used in light games such as ajing and mebaring. Although it is a small part, we have put a lot of thought into it, such as making it lightweight so as not to impair the movement of the worm, while also creating a shape that maximizes strength. The "Light Game Clip" allows for smooth and comfortable rotation even at night, allowing you to quickly adjust to the day's pattern.

  • No need to open or close. One-touch clip snap.
  • Egg-shaped eye with overlapping seams that prevents lines from coming off and maintains strength.
  • Designed so that the knot part is vertical eye to vertical eye.
  • Choose a wire diameter that achieves both strength and weight reduction.
  • Pursuing compactness that is easy to grasp and use.
  • 15 per pack


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Decoy Light Game Clip SN-8 (8lb)

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