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Eagle Claw Trokar TK619Hi Magnum Circle Hook

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Eagle Claw TroKar 619Hi Magnum Circle Non-Offset Hooks are easily one of the most impressive hooks to come out of the Eagle Claw TroKar manufacturing plant since debuting the surgically sharpened technology the TK619 line of hooks is aimed at anglers looking for a beefier more robust circle hook to use with their heaviest gear
The TK619 offers the stopping power and backbone to haul in the strongest halibut and game fish in the sea. The most impressive aspect of the TK619 is the surgically sharpened point Never before has a point this sharp and durable been achievable on such a heavy wire diameter Designed and manufactured in Denver Colorado the surgically sharpened point gives anglers 50 faster deeper surer penetration with every strike

The three facets of the TroKar point are precisely and symmetrically ground for top performance using our unique Surgically Sharpened Technology - no other brand of hooks in the world are made with this technology!
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Brand Eagle Claw
Product Code 27308444
Weight 0.4kg