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HTO Hot Coat Squid Jigs

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A cleverly designed jig for squid fishing that is a highly effective lure that will catch squid when all else fails. The secret to this incredible, consistent catch rate is the use of a hot coat, this outer layer around the jig keeps it at up to 1c warmer than the surrounding water.

Squid and cuttlefish use heat as one of their main hunting instincts to differentiate prey and home in on them, the hot coat mimics this, leading to increased catches. The jig is well balanced providing just the right amount of action to induce a squid or cuttlefish to attack.

It has a fish skin texture and deep red eyes and brown wings. The weight under the chin of the lure is chrome, to further enhance the visual attraction of the lure. A luminous band at the base of the jig adds luminosity just above the two rows of stainless steel points, acting as a target point for the squid.

Available in 3 colours and 2 sizes.
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Brand HTO
Product Code 26864137
Weight 0.7kg