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Brought to you via the collaboration of Tacklewave and Marc Cowling the South Devon Bass Guide here is the Chappy 100 in Marc's very own design, here are his thoughts and an insight into this design.

"Bass are capricious as they are rapacious, and when they are in what one can also describe as a 'finicky mood' presenting them with something that isn't too 'obvious' can be the way to attain that attack, and turn what might have been a blank into a memorable session."

"A primarily 'transparent or translucent' bodied topwater lure presents a wary, disengaged, or even an otherwise fixated bass with something that they will most certainly be aware of, yet its lack of a discernible profile places an element of doubt in their mind - and where there is uncertainty, a bass's natural instinct is to strike, and to strike hard!"  

"Think bright, sunny, overhead conditions, crystal-clear water clarity and a mirror-like body of water - the quintessential topwater conditions for the inimitable bass. Now, add a subtle 'disturbance' on the surface layer, the bait fish scattering or a small predator in its own right harassing them - both are 'easy meat' for a marauding, yet inherently circumspect bass. You're walking the tight rope that is rousing them, without then repelling them, as for every bass we observe 'following' our lures, the remaining 99 times when this occurs we are almost certainly unaware of... This is where the crystalline characteristics of the IMA CHAPPY MC1 can give the angler the edge."

  • Length : 100mm

  • Weight  : 18g

Picture shown is the Chappy 100 and the Chappy 80 in Marc's design. You will only receive 1 lure.


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IMA Chappy 100 - Marc Cowling Limited Edition

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