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Megabass Kagelou 124F

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The KAGELOU is a shallow runner designed for targeting sea bass. Produced by lunker hunter Yoshiyuki Kubota.

The large cut-darter cup pushes hard against the water, creating a delicate natural rolling action during slow to medium speed retrieves that draws even the most wary sea bass. By increasing the retrieve to medium or high speed, the variable action of the KAGELOU allows it to perform a high profile sliding action while still incorporating the rolling motion.

Designed to target large sea bass lurking in shallow areas, the MegaBass Kagelou’s depth is set to run at 0-20cm. The weight system utilizes the newly developed LBOII (PAT.P).By making the LBO shaft-less, a lower overall center of gravity can be achieved, powering both amazing casting distance and superb swimming performance.

Length 124mm
Weight - 22g 

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Brand MegaBass
Product Code 20907
Weight 1kg