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Megabass Zonk 120 - PM Pearl Rainbow

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We have obtained a limited number of the highly sough after lures which have now been discontinued!

The Megabass Zonk 120SW is a slow sinking lure which works down to around 5' to 7'. It is a great lure to use in deeper water if bass are hunting below the surface. It also works well in shallower sandy areas when the fish are near the bottom and you want a lure to get down to them.

The carbon bib helps to give a really strong and aggressive zig-zag action and the special 'tunnel' on the lures back adds extra vibration and turbulence to increase the lures attractiveness. It works well with a steady retrieve but if a fish is following but not taking a pause will case the lure to slow sink backwards often triggering a take, either has the lure sinks or immediately after you recommence the retrieve.

The tungsten weight transfer system and streamlined body aid long accurate casting and as you would expect from Megabass the finish and fittings are both top quality.

  • Length 120mm
  • Weight 20gm
  • Depth 5' ~ 7'
  • Slow sinking/suspending
  • Carbon bib
  • Aggressive zig-zag action
  • Slowly sinks backwards on the pause
  • Slotted back for added attraction
  • Tungsten moving weight system
  • Long accurate casting
  • Superb finish
  • 3 x Owner trebles
  • Made in Japan
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