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Savage Gear 3D Crayfish Lures

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Savage Gear combined 3D scanning and modeling in the quest to produce the perfect lure in appearance and swimming action!

By scanning a real Crayfish and combining it with careful studies of the movement and escape pattern of the real thing, they have been able to create a Crayfish lure that looks and swims as real as possible making it irresistible to even the wariest predator fish!

Air filled claws not only aid in natural underwater movement when the crayfish is rigged forward, but also give a defensive posture when the crayfish is fished on a stand up jig head giving it the most realistic response to a inquisitive fish!

It will make micro movements even at the tiniest movement and water current. The Air filled head cavity makes the crayfish float so it can be fished on a weighted wheedles hook over heavy mats and lily pads and then paused in openings for a slow enticing fall into the strike zone. Just like the real thing!

The exaggerated antennae and legs give more secondary action on the bait. Two legs face forward and two backwards for action on either a forward drag or tail first retrieve. Available in the hottest colours on the market and in two key fish-catching sizes.

An advanced two chamber tool makes to-die-for twin colours possible Iodine, Salt and Crayfish Scent enriched soft PVC material!

4 per pack.
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Brand Savage Gear
Product Code 18386
Weight 0.8kg