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The Spro Bottom Jig was designed around a Russia technique called "Cheburashka". It is a simple but very effective bottom-jigging technique. Take the clip out from the jig, attach a Worm hook and place back inside head and the system is ready to fish!

These new bottom jigs from Spro could very possibly change the way a lot of anglers fish with soft plastic lures. Until now the angler has been forced to choose between a standard fixed jig head or weedless head. The Spro Bottom Jig gives you complete flexibility and versatility to attach any size head to any size or style of hook.

The Bottom Jig gives you the opportunity to fish a small hook on what could be quite a big weight! An added advantage of the bottom jig is the uninhibited movement (much like the articualted heads.) Making your soft plastic move in a much more fluid and natural manor. .

The new Spro Bottom Jig Sinkers are great for fresh or salt water and for almost any style of lure fishing!


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Spro Bottom Jig Sinkers

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