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There is a new "Egi King" on the block, Japanese company Yamashita announced in a video that started a new page in the History of Egging book. The Neon Bright squid jigs  have been based on Yamashita's new technology, which makes the squid jigs shine like neon when it comes in contact with ultraviolet rays.

It has been 80 years since the company was founded, and since then it has been a leading manufacturer and an independent researcher of squid fishing for many years.

The Neon Bright technology is a breakthrough as it completely changes the conventional concept of Egi colour. When an angler thinks of "UV reflection", he thinks of Keimura (a fluorescent purple color, which emits pale light when exposed to ultraviolet rays) and Glow (which stores the energy of Ultraviolet rays and emits yellow-green light). Fluorescence colors have the property of receiving the energy of ultraviolet light and converting it into visible light and depending on the wavelength of the color, the way it emits light differs from red, blue, and green.

The Neon Bright is the next step forward.

Specs : 

  • Size : #3.5
  • Weight : 21g
  • Sink Rate : 3 sec / meter


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Yamashita Egi-Oh Live Neon Bright - #3.5

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