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This Egi is actually a revised edition of its predecessor, Egi-Q Live Shallow, one of the most successful squid jigs in the whole Yamashita series.

Its shape has been modified and its center of weight has been re-calibrated at a much lower position, so that is provides better casts, better stability in the water and less resistance while retrieving. As a result this new Egi has a much wider Darting and sub-Walk the Dog action achieving an impressive 33% more vivid right to left movement in the same distance, as its predecessor. It thus stays in the same spot much longer, attracting more squids in the meantime. To be more explicit, Yamashita estimated that if you cast an Oh Live at a distance of 50m, you will be able to act 150 times with your rod, before you cast it again.

The Yamashita Live Shallow feature another revolutionary innovation - namely their "warm jacket” skin - a cloth wrapping which holds the temperature 0.5 to 1 ºC above water temperature, creating impressive realism to squids. It is also equipped with glow details that emit light in what Yamashita - after long research - claims to be the exact right frequency of 490nm. The eyeball cup is of “490 Glow” technology, with fluorescent color that makes it visible to and invites squids from the nearby area.

The “Blade sinker” was born after a repeated trial and error process. A special hole on the body of the sinker allow us to add extra weights, or adjust the swimming rate. The Egi Oh Live sinks at about 3-3.5 sec/m (for the 3.5 model). Its weight is not made of lead, but from tin that is healthier to the angler and more friendly for the environment.

Yamashita offers the particular squid jig in a wide array of colors, in natural and blue for the days when squids are less active and the waters are very clear, to more vivid colors for days that cephalopods feed aggressively and the water is murky (orange, red, white).

The Yamashita Egi Oh Live is ideal for aggressive style anglers that aim for big calamari with complicated and vivid retrieving strategies.

  • Size: 3.5
  • Type: Sinking Live
  • Weight: 17gr
  • Sinking Speed: 6.0 seconds per meter
  • Type: Shallow


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Yamashita Egi-Oh Live Shallow #3.5

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