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This is a high-appeal model that uses the "light" produced by the flat action of the strobe fin and the "sound" produced by the rattle. The wide surface of the body reflects the light and attracts squid. In addition, it is possible to efficiently search a wide area using the ``rattle sound that squid can easily detect'' based on ecological research.

Features : 

  • Strobe Fin - The fins on the back create a strong flat action. This action generates light, which strongly appeals to the squid's visual sense.
  • Flash Side - The wide flat surface on the side of the body strongly reflects the light from the flat action
  • Search Rattle - It generates a rattle sound centred around 600Hz (hertz), which is said to be the easiest for blue fin squid to hear.
  • Fall a little fast - By making the fall speed a little faster than the basic type, you can search for highly active squid at a fast pace.
  • Neonbright - "Neon Bright" is Keimura's product that has significantly improved UV light emission efficiency and has a line up of light emission colours (emission wavelengths) that correspond to the three primary colours of light.

Specs : 

  • Weight : 24g
  • 2.8 sec/m sink speed


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